Robie Creek Volunteer Fire Department

Who Are We?

The RCVFD is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that was formed to help protect the residences in the Robie Creek Area.  We have two stations setup to serve the community.  Station 1 is located at the intersection of Robie Creek & Rocky Canyon Roads, and Station 2 is located in Mores Creek Rim Ranches.

When Can We Meet You?

What Do We Do?

The primary purpose of the RCVFD is to protect the constituent's structures within the District.  The wildlands in Idaho are protected by one or more of the following organizations:

These organizations are well funded, quick to respond and very good at what they do.  However their mandate is only to protect and defend the land, and stops at any structure.  They are not allowed to protect structures and do not have the equipment to do so.  That is where the RCVFD comes in.  RCFVD's primary function is to protect the structures within the Robie Creek area.  

As we are closest to the incident at times and familiar with the area, our members may also:

What Area Do We Protect?

The RCFD covers a large section inside Boise County between the borders with Ada & Elmore Counties,  Wilderness Ranch & Clear Creek Fire Districts.  This includes the Robie Creek area, houses along Highway 21 between mileposts 17 and 23, Mores Creek Rim Ranches, Dunnigan Creek, Canyon Creek, and Hummingbird Haven Subdivision.

While this is a very large area for such a small Fire Department, almost all housing is concentrated along Highway 21 and the Robie Creek Canon area.  Our two Fire stations are strategically positioned to support these residential areas.

Subscription Coverage Area